I Like Circles

I’m finally on the recovering end of a bout of the flu which has forced me to not code anything fun for about three weeks.

On June 5th I bought a new Nintendo DS Lite.

After the announcement of the Wii (The console formerly known as the Nintendo Revolution) at E3’06 and demonstrations of its unique controller and the engaging game-play, the 18 month old Nintendo DS is back in the spotlight because it has a touchscreen and voice and gesture recognition capabilities that are used to great effect in many of its games.

People are giving it a second look.

I’ve spent the last three weeks going to warm warm bed early and continuing a campaign in “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance” that has been going now on and off for almost three years. I also have the DS Japanese cult hit, Nintendogs, my son loves calling to his virtual puppy every night and feeding it.

I have handed over some cash to a Russian guy for a black market DS hardware mod so I can run Linux. That’s is about as Gibsonesque as I’m planning to get this year.

I despair that you can’t hack Gameboys like you used to. For my last Gameboy hack I actually built my own EPROM burner and my own Cartridge. Nowadays the hardware and DRM makes this a bit more complicated. I’m time-poor so I’m willing leave that level of devotion up to the professional DRM assassins.

The real reason for the DS? It runs linux and has 802.11b which makes it a cheap portable wireless experimentation platform.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time thinking about circles and the Monte-Carlo Method (which is not an extravagant method of contraception, unless you spend too much time sitting at a computer playing with arcane mathematics).

Probably only one other person on the planet knows why I have been thinking so hard about circles.

And the fact that to solve some problems you really need real random numbers. 🙂

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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4 Responses to I Like Circles

  1. I can imagine you as a firmware ROM construct.
    Probably in 50 years time held in a cartridge on some
    old school Japanese game hardware. Accessed on occasion
    to run bio gen engineering sims with pretty display graphics for kicks.

    James Mc Parlane,

    Lazarus of cyberspace…

  2. Now that as Gibsonesque as I’d like to get – period. 🙂

  3. Major Don says:

    >Probably only one other person on the planet knows why I have been thinking so hard about circles.

    I just have to take a wild guess, here. Do your circles have anything to do with Quantum Mechanics?

  4. No – but it has something to do with probability.

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