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Great Global Warming Swindle ABC Studio Audience Was (Mostly) Off Their Rockers

Glad I was not the only one that thought that most of these people were out of their minds or on a clear agenda of conspiracy theory chasing. Of note, the audience contained at least… One suspected creationist Two “environmentalism is eugenics” … Continue reading

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Rationalising A Post Amazon/Google Home Library

I spent the last two weekends installing bookshelves so Sharyn and I just spent three hours going through books that have spent the last 6 years in boxes and in many cases have not been seen or used in 10 years. … Continue reading

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More Sliverlight Video Testing

Using sample non square pixel tests from Microsoft site was inconclusive. 7 of the 27 sample encoded videos were 1:1 PAR. The others varied from 24:11 to 12:11 None of the videos played past the first frame, but all the videos was … Continue reading

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Article On ZDNet About My Presentation At Remix07

‘New media designer Massive’s chief technical officer, James McParlane, for example, discussed the MCE version of the company’s V8 Supercars channel, which combines actual telemetry information for particular cars with video from those cars — or uses the MCE box … Continue reading

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My Son's Favorite LOLCat

My Son Has A favorite LOLcat If you’ve not kept up with the LOLcat craze which has now gone mainstream (Thanks Simon), here is the original monorail cat and its inspired followers on I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

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