Great Global Warming Swindle ABC Studio Audience Was (Mostly) Off Their Rockers

Glad I was not the only one that thought that most of these people were out of their minds or on a clear agenda of conspiracy theory chasing.

Of note, the audience contained at least…

I think only one person anyone actually asked a real question. The rest of the sane people only made statements.

If I had been in the Audience I would have asked the question “What is the worst case? What is the chance of a runaway greenhouse effect EG. The planet Venus”.

Its a shame that the farce that followed the panel debate is going to cast the issue in tiny shroud of aluminum foil.

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4 Responses to Great Global Warming Swindle ABC Studio Audience Was (Mostly) Off Their Rockers

  1. It was indeed a kooks’ parade. Nice to see that with the future of the species under considerable threat, this is the reaction we have …

  2. This makes weird reading and seems to tie it all together.. or am I forming a conspiracy theory about the conspiracy theorists?

    Scary thing is that these nut-jobs aspire to world power.

  3. I think the <a href=",23663,22070662-10229,00.html">LaRouche coconuts</a> succeeded only in being perceived as deranged. Nothing they said in the following discussion countered the persuasive point made by Greg Bourne and Robin William that it’s acting on climate change is a question of managing risk.

    Sadly perhaps, if action is taken in time, the coconuts will also be saved.

  4. Yes – I think it was the broader public’s awakening to a political party – not sure if its the kind of publicity they were really after.. but if you are a small fringe party seeking like ‘minded’ people "there is no such thing as bad publicity".

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