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John Howard On You Tube – Awaiting The Great Streaming Inevitable.

Tonight the TV told me that John Howard is on YouTube. Interesting – I just came out of a panel discussion where one of the questions was how content authors and marketers should engage with their audience in the modern online world. But … Continue reading

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Back From Remix 07 – Popfly/Silverlight/Visual Studio 2008

It went great! My presentation went great (as far as I could tell). I spent most of the conference recovering from the Sydney Flu – so I suspect I behaved like a freak half of the time. Met some great … Continue reading

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JavaScript Macro Recorder

Here is a screen recording of my JavaScript Macro Recorder in action. Here is a test URL for a page that has the JavaScript code embedded. Works under IE and Firefox. Safari “Real Soon Now” 🙂 Add these two lines … Continue reading

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It Sure Does Rock Right About Here :)

The BigPond V8 Supercars 2007 application that has kept me away from regular sleep/blogosphere/fun for the last few months is rapidly shedding its “Beta” status. Here is a video WMV, QuickTime, QuickTime HUGE. The App runs at 25fps, so this 10fps screen … Continue reading

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MetaWrap TimeConverter, Build 8

There Is A New Version Available – Click Here   Update: I just fixed 2 bugs – one handle leak and a bug that could stop it from scanning serial ports. Seems I left in some debug code on both … Continue reading

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Reason – Exciting New C++ Library For Internet Applications

I’ve been waiting for Emerson Clarke to GPL this library since he started sending me code samples via IM a few years ago. If you really want to squeeze every last nanoflop of performance out of your hardware then you need … Continue reading

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Banner Views Increased Because of XP Service Pack 2 and IE7

I know this is probably a little late, but I just had a thought. When you download something using IE6 under Windows XP (The current majority platform) you get that little yellow bar at the top that calmly warns you that … Continue reading

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Some Other Progress

For those who have suffered through my detailed answer to the question “so what have you been working on lately?”, here is a simple progress report in pictures. No doubt it makes as much sense as my addled answer, but I … Continue reading

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V8 Supercars – Last Race Of 2006 And The Last Time This Version Of Our Award Winning Flash and AJAX Application Will be Running

Our multiple award winning broadband Flash/AJAX application is being retired after 3 and half years of service. Its normally restricted to BigPond users, but its been opened up for the last race of the year. A free pass link has been … Continue reading

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2006 – So Far Its All About People and AttentionRank

EgoSurf egoSurf finds your blogs ranking in google Actually it doesn’t have to be your blog, and it ain’t just google. Simple. You enter your name and your blogs web address. We search google and find links to your blog. … Continue reading

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