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Compulsory Reading For JavaScript Developers If at the end of this you still want to use a library that adds slots to the built-in Objects please send me your name so I can avoid hiring you or using your library.

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It Sure Does Rock Right About Here :)

The BigPond V8 Supercars 2007 application that has kept me away from regular sleep/blogosphere/fun for the last few months is rapidly shedding its “Beta” status. Here is a video WMV, QuickTime, QuickTime HUGE. The App runs at 25fps, so this 10fps screen … Continue reading

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MetaWrap TimeConverter, Build 8

There Is A New Version Available – Click Here   Update: I just fixed 2 bugs – one handle leak and a bug that could stop it from scanning serial ports. Seems I left in some debug code on both … Continue reading

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Reason – Exciting New C++ Library For Internet Applications

I’ve been waiting for Emerson Clarke to GPL this library since he started sending me code samples via IM a few years ago. If you really want to squeeze every last nanoflop of performance out of your hardware then you need … Continue reading

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Some Other Progress

For those who have suffered through my detailed answer to the question “so what have you been working on lately?”, here is a simple progress report in pictures. No doubt it makes as much sense as my addled answer, but I … Continue reading

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externalInterface Under FlashPlayer 9 Is Evil – The White Screen Of Death

In short – externalInterface is the work of the devil. There are others that have a low opinion of it. “In general, whoever coded ExternalInterface should be fired.” “ExternalInterface bug (Firefox)” “ExternalInterface Bug in Flash Player 9“ “The official Adobe … Continue reading

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This Month In JavaScript – 2006.7

“Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events. It is like Google Maps for time-based information. Below is a live example that you can play with. Pan the timeline by dragging it horizontally.” “Slightly ThickerBox is a … Continue reading

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Aptana – JavaScript-focused web application IDE

Looks great and looks like it will run as an Eclipse plug-in! What more could you ask for. Not sure how it compares to the latest Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto) Web tools platform – which I use and love.   “Aptana is a … Continue reading

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ClickTale shows you the full story: every mouse movement, every click and every scrolling action. By using ClickTale you will gain insights that will improve your website’s usability, enhance navigation, and increase effectiveness. Something that looks scarily like my Open … Continue reading

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Microsoft's Eolas ActiveX Patch For IE Sometimes Breaks JavaScript Workaround

It was a long time coming, but on Feb 28 2006, Microsoft released a patch (KB912945) for the Eolas patent dispute that “breaks” Active X in Internet Explorer, which includes Flash on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This only … Continue reading

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