The Game Progress Report #18

Got stuck on the train a bit longer than normal today (heatwave signal failures) and added hexagon culling to the digitizer.

So this..

13-01-2014 7-51-18 PM

Now my favourite processing from the last post looks like this (which I believe is an improvement).

16-01-2014 7-00-52 PM

If you look carefully, any sub-hexagon that does not contribute to the detail is culled, this results in an interesting effect and in the end is exactly what I was after. Some contrast is lost, but I think that’s a given seeing that I am applying an exotic ‘blur’. I’m going to generate some colour histograms later and see what spectral distortions I might be adding.

Here are some runs against some default the sample Windows ‘photos’.

16-01-2014 7-01-53 PM 16-01-2014 7-01-39 PM

16-01-2014 6-59-49 PM 16-01-2014 6-59-31 PM

16-01-2014 6-58-10 PM 16-01-2014 6-57-56 PM

16-01-2014 7-15-03 PM

16-01-2014 7-14-53 PM

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