The Game Progress Report #16

More work on the L-System generator/mutator/renderer.

6-01-2014 5-54-33 PM 6-01-2014 9-33-44 PM 6-01-2014 9-31-03 PM

More work on basic image display.

13-01-2014 7-51-18 PM

I can also now load hexagon patterns from Hexels via XML export files.

13-01-2014 7-52-28 PM

And the game engine can now generate hexagon bitmaps from images.

13-01-2014 7-46-30 PM

The effect I’m after with the hierarchically tessellated (regular) hexagons is going to take some more work, but it’s looking promising.

13-01-2014 7-38-17 PM

As for the Twine engine, I’m still trying to get a side project up and running to use the game’s tutorial engine which can read a subset of the Twine format. This will allow me to publish some complex Interactive Fiction.  I’m following a few leads from some Twine authors I have found online. Probably going to start a small collective of artists that can contribute to the IF production pipeline for fun and hopefully profit.

13-01-2014 8-10-24 PM

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