The Game Progress Report #22

We are progressing with the game in our spare time, which has been very little but we are making progress.

My son has built an android game that we are publishing to test out all the commerce ‘stuff” we need to start selling games online through the many app stores that are now available.

29-07-2014 11-34-04 PM

I’ve been expanding the Twine interpreter which is going to be used as the games tutorial engine and I’m working with two writers and an artist to publish their interactive fiction/Otome games using the engine as it currently stands. Release early, release often. 🙂

Here is a video of a play-through of part of a story-board using some found images on the internet as place holders for actual art.

The engine so far runs under iOS, Android, OUYA, Xbox360, SonyVita, PC, Mac and I’m now working on a WebGL port that will allow it to run in a web browser.


My Twine engine adds a number of handy multimedia and dialogue macros. I can take an ‘twee’ file exported from Twine and have a running game in a few minutes.

13-01-2014 8-10-24 PM

It has tooling that enables a graphics production pipeline to be created automatically from the story file as well as testing tools that can validate the story code by exploring all the possible story paths.

I’m looking for other Twine writers and graphic artists who want to publish their stories to collaborate on publications.

These two stories are currently at the story boarding stage so the plan is to move back into the core ‘Hex’ game features soon.

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CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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