The Game Progress Report #14

Improved rendering model, managed to crack 60+ fps on most platforms.

Developed a culling algorithm, need to perfect it to reduce overlaps to zero which will allow me to take advantage of some nice rendering optimisations.

More work on Playstation Vita support.

15-10-2013 10-34-47 PM

Command/Help integration. This is going to be important as a lot of testing, config and resource editing will happen via the config.

27-10-2013 9-07-27 PM

Like ‘Little Big Planet’, The game is the content tool so I want a nice console that can be helpful. So i’m building in contextual help and auto-completion..

Everything is scriptable and thus testable via the console. I can simulate mouse clicks and navigation through a sequence of console commands,

27-10-2013 9-17-17 PM 27-10-2013 9-08-32 PM 27-10-2013 9-07-57 PM


Starting working on a fancy font rendering system for the tutorial/story mode.

Working under Windows and PS Vita.

27-10-2013 9-59-11 PM 27-10-2013 10-06-46 PM

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