The Game – Progress Report #8

I’ve created a Hexagon ‘bitmap‘ that is going to act as a primitive for menu layouts, buttons etc. On top of this ‘bitmap’ primitive I intend to create a kind of hexagon ‘postscript‘ which is an almost ‘Turtle” style language.

First issue with bitmaps, distortion introduced by displacement transformation errors.  A 6×4 bitmap will not render the same if it is on an odd X boundary. There is a whole class of these issues depending on the type of hexagon tessellation you are dealing with (flat or pointy). I have the added complexity that I am dropping between dimensions from smaller to larger tessellations and need to translate coordinates between dimensions.

20-03-2013 11-20-53 PMOne of these things is not like the other.

So it was to the hexagon graph paper to work out the general scheme.

Hence my curious tweet.

20-03-2013 11-32-33 PM

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