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Parsers Progress Minimal testcase for simplest production I could think of – with an at that un unhandled visitor type. (now implemented of course). The wonderful thing about applying such a complicated visitor pattern to this type of problem is that even though the first type … Continue reading

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Shared Infrustrature for W3 Specification Parsing – Part I

I have defined a new module for MetaWrap which consists of 4 Logical groups of classes. MwParser, MwParserBNF* and MwParserCST and MwParserAST. All the new W3 Specs seem to be heading towards shared definitions using BNF. (eh XQuery, XPath2.0 and XSLT2.0) . … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about parsing, protocols and XPath

Parsing And Protocols There are really two types of information packing in protocols and grammars and these boil down to data being length or lexically delimited. A parser implements a certain grammar. The grammar parses a certain pattern of tokens … Continue reading

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Embedding semantic actions into syntax rules

I’m hunting for terms to use in my own algorithm for a combined lexer and parsing engine. Got my algorithm documented now in my handy dandy notebook that I have scribbling in for the last week on the train and … Continue reading

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Grammar Visualiser

Mastered dot and the fine art of creating pretty digraphs. Developed example script which produces a nice image that will aid in the visualisations of grammar tables. Now just need to make it build the dot script for a given grammar.

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Cough Cough…

I soldier on. Favorite new word. ‘syntagma‘. Designing a new nifty data structure to enable efficient & fast construction of optimal combined lexical and LALR syntax parse tables from a context free grammar. Fun thinking time ahead. I’m going to sit down with … Continue reading

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