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Mashup Engines And Web 2.0

Mash-up engines (automated mash-up creation tools) are one of those concepts that people think is very cool. You do a survey and ask if people would use it and they say “God yes – every day for as long as I live” – … Continue reading

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I For One Welcome Our AI Masters

I had this idea a few years ago. Thought I would finally blog it. Lisp was the darling of AI research in the 70’s – Lisp is a Functional Language. Prolog was the darling of AI research in the 80’s – … Continue reading

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Back From Remix 07 – Popfly/Silverlight/Visual Studio 2008

It went great! My presentation went great (as far as I could tell). I spent most of the conference recovering from the Sydney Flu – so I suspect I behaved like a freak half of the time. Met some great … Continue reading

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Everyone I know in Sydney is, has just been, or feels like they are about to be sick. Don’t come to Sydney at the moment if you want to live.

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Microsoft "Surface"

I see your Adobe Flash photo shuffling demo on a $40,000 multi-touch screen and raise you with the concept of Gorilla Arm. Why do I get the feeling that last year Steve or Bill saw the same multi-touch demo by Jeff Han [YouTube] that … Continue reading

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Thought For The Millenium

From Adbusters Issue 70

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Been Nominated For An Emmy

Been too busy to blog – but the last project I bled for that had me too busy to blog has been Nominated for an Emmy! The Nominees are.. BBCiBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)United Kingdom BigPond Windows Media Centre Movie Downloads … Continue reading

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iPhone – I Love Your Body, But…

Dear iPhone You better have UMTS or you are dead to me. Although I love your design and interface, where it matters for a phone I find you lacking. According to the specs you are just quad-band GSM. And no GPS? Is that even legal in … Continue reading

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Humans Bad – High Radiation Good

lelak says: James says: fear them lelak says: After reading this article yesterday, I can’t help wondering if it’s all part of some larger plan: James says: So as far as animals are concerned, humans occupying an area … Continue reading

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More Anti-Wii

Looks like Leisa has done some research into Wii problems and has found a link to a site dedicated to issues and accidents – aptly named The New Nintendo Thumb

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