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Elizabeth Sladen Is Still Hawt

Elizabeth Sladen is to me, what Felicity Kendal is to Rick, The People’s Poet When I was a lad watching Dr Who, Elizabeth Sladen (Who played Sarah Jane Smith) was certainly one of the sexiest things on TV. After watching the 2007 pilot for … Continue reading

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As I And Everyone Else Predicted – Games Consoles Now Used For Super Computing

I remember 15 years ago talking about the logical progression of gaming hardware and predicting that consumer demand would end up putting superior performance in the games consoles, and then they would then be used for “evil”. The future is weirder than we … Continue reading

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Facebook's Beacon

There is an unwritten social contract between we the punters and social networking sites that make money by data-mining our activities and targeting ads at us. That contract is essentially that we will let them have our personal data in … Continue reading

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Mashup Engines And Web 2.0

Mash-up engines (automated mash-up creation tools) are one of those concepts that people think is very cool. You do a survey and ask if people would use it and they say “God yes – every day for as long as I live” – … Continue reading

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I For One Welcome Our AI Masters

I had this idea a few years ago. Thought I would finally blog it. Lisp was the darling of AI research in the 70’s – Lisp is a Functional Language. Prolog was the darling of AI research in the 80’s – … Continue reading

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Back From Remix 07 – Popfly/Silverlight/Visual Studio 2008

It went great! My presentation went great (as far as I could tell). I spent most of the conference recovering from the Sydney Flu – so I suspect I behaved like a freak half of the time. Met some great … Continue reading

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Everyone I know in Sydney is, has just been, or feels like they are about to be sick. Don’t come to Sydney at the moment if you want to live.

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