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Some More Phone Images Of Sydney

Conspiracy Theoretician I Want To Believe Beware The Bucket  

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Sydney Phone Photo Blogging #3 – Everything

A random sampling from my phone over the last six months. Caution – Contains traces of roadkill. Shadow Bitumen Angel Old Poster The perfect product for when a sordid affair between a mechanic and journalist goes horribly wrong…   Naked Car … Continue reading

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When YouTube Borks!

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Most Promising Battery Technology I have Seen In Years

Using nano-particles to increase the surface area and thus the capacity of a capacitor makes it a viable battery.

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ClickTale shows you the full story: every mouse movement, every click and every scrolling action. By using ClickTale you will gain insights that will improve your website’s usability, enhance navigation, and increase effectiveness. Something that looks scarily like my Open … Continue reading

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MetaWrap JavaScript Cluster/Grid

This is not an April Fools post – although when you get to the end of it you may wonder. As a proof of concept of the MetaWrap Apache_mod interface I’m going to write something that distributes grid tasks to web browsers … Continue reading

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Grid Envy

I was in the middle of building something like this as a demo for my XML storage server, looks like several people beat me to it. Looks like they applied for a patent only to find that there is lots of … Continue reading

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Why Transcendental Compression Is Impossible

By “Transcendental Compression”, I mean the concept of taking p or e or, root 2, any of the Transcendental Numbers or functions and using some part of the sequence of its digits as a dictionary for tokens in a compression algorithm. … Continue reading

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Do You Code At Home? Do You Have A Blog? Come Work At Massive!

We are hiring. Producers + IA, Coders, Graphic Designers. Massive Interactive is one of the original pre-boom web design companies still standing. We are in Sydney Australia. We develop software solutions and visual designs and architecture for websites, front end, back end. Software, interactive … Continue reading

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I Like Circles

I’m finally on the recovering end of a bout of the flu which has forced me to not code anything fun for about three weeks. On June 5th I bought a new Nintendo DS Lite. After the announcement of the Wii (The console formerly known as … Continue reading

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