The Game Progress Report #12

This pulls together a few mini updates.

In the last few months, (apart from moving house for the first time in 11 years.)

I have…

Ported the game engine to Xbox360

22-08-2013 8-41-05 PM


4-08-2013 8-59-21 PM


30-09-2013 1-51-58 PM

And a partial port to the PSVita.

4-09-2013 10-11-35 PM

It looks like I am going to need to do some rewiring of my core graphics scheduler both as a general optimisation and to provide support for the PSVita.

As I mentioned in previous posts I have been working on adding Twine support so that I can use Twine for tutorials. To achieve this I have written a mini JavaScript expression interpreter to support the expressions in some of the Twine macros.

So a story authored in Twine..

29-09-2013 5-43-05 PM

Which can be exported as a HTML/JavaScript via Twee using TiddlyWiki

29-09-2013 5-50-45 PM

Can have its source exported..

29-09-2013 5-38-44 PM

And can be edited in Sublime Text

29-09-2013 6-21-59 PM

Note that it has syntax highlighting because of a Sublime Text 2 syntax highlighting extension I have developed.

And auto-completion 🙂

29-09-2013 7-03-58 PM

The script can then be executed in my Twine interpreter…

29-09-2013 6-01-44 PM

Which I am now integrating with my graphics engine..

So as a bit of a side track project to test out the engine and the whole process of modern game publishing, I’m going to publish some interactive fiction using the tutorial engine.

The core Twine engine uses IOC (No mean feat on the Xbox360) so the plan is that I will be able to extend it by injecting macros and features into it from the core game engine.

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