The Game – Progress Report #10

Added a Minecraft style console. Decided to do this now as it will help with development. It’s much easier to test and switch things around in a game engine commands so I’m investing in this now so I can save time in the long run.

After a few evenings I can…

26-05-2013 10-27-02 PM

Type chat messages..

26-05-2013 10-15-46 PM

Use the cursor left/right keys to do insertion edit. The delete and backspace keys work as expected..

26-05-2013 10-24-06 PM

26-05-2013 10-23-31 PM

I support styles bold and obfuscate – italic underline and strike-through are going to need more work…

26-05-2013 10-12-49 PM

Added some inbuilt commands such  help… Note the color coding…

26-05-2013 10-13-44 PM

‘plugins’ lists all the plugins

26-05-2013 10-16-15 PM

You can enable and disable plugins..

26-05-2013 10-14-28 PM

That does it for now… I have the functions I need. My next task is the basic Server/Client model.

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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