BBCi Wins The 2007 Interactive Emmy For Interactive Television Service

Interactive Television Service Winner Is

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
United Kingdom
Available 24 hours a day, BBCi is an interactive television service giving viewers a range of different applications to choose from through their TV. It features games for the kids,  news and information, learning, enhanced coverage of major events and more – all at the  touch of a button on the remote control. The service is easy to use, with clearly  accessible screens combining a mix of text, video, audio and interactive features. BBCi  is still unique in that it is completely free and universally available across all three of the  UK’s digital TV platforms (terrestrial, satellite and cable). This year the service has  launched a number of ground-breaking new features such as ‘catch up TV’ – which  integrates video on demand into the heart of the interactive TV service. BBCi is also at  the forefront of the BBC’s thinking about cross-platform development – applications such  as the new ‘Studio Runners’ children’s game exemplify how websites and mobile can  actually complement the interactive TV experience rather than being competitors.

So no Emmy this year, but being nominated in itself is amazingly great.

Next year… next year…

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1 Response to BBCi Wins The 2007 Interactive Emmy For Interactive Television Service

  1. Ros says:

    Jimbo – so sorry to hear you didn’t win! 😦

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