– Now This Is Exactly What Is Wrong With The World Today

I find rather a rather appalling application of cutting edge computer science.

I’m probably nothing like the target market but I find myself disgusted at people bragging about the ocean-boiling computing power required to allow people to purchase yet more trinkets that they don’t need.

If anything the world needs technology to allow us to buy less garbage – not more.

The only reason I would use this site would be to make sure that whatever I purchased had not been trussed on some dubious ‘star’ who’s only claim to fame is that they are famous for being famous and according to the gossip mags, have more problems and bad habits than average. The only reason these people seem to exist is to make me feel better about myself.

If this site allowed me to guarantee that what I was about to purchase had not previously been sullied by one of those plague potatoes then I would gladly preach its usefulness.

For now this site goes into my “now this is exactly what is wrong with the world today” bin.

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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