It’s not Kiwi for Wireless, its a Korean Wireless broadband standard.

WiBro aka “High Speed Downlink Packet Access” (HSDPA). Imaging getting 100Mb while driving in a car.

From Wikipedia

“The First phase of HSDPA has been specified in 3GPP release 5. Phase one introduces new basic functions and is aimed to achieve peak data rates of 14.4 Mbps. Newly introduced are the High Speed Downlink Shared Channels (HS-DSCH), the adaptive modulation QPSK and 16QAM and the High Speed Medium Access protocol (MAC-hs) in the Node-B.

The Second phase of HSDPA is currently being specified in 3GPP release 6 and is aimed to achieve data rates of up to 28.8 Mbps. It will introduce antenna array technologies such as beamforming and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). Beam forming can be described as focusing the transmitted power of an antenna in a beam towards the user’s direction. Knowing that the limiting resources are the transmission power of the base station sector, one can understand that beam forming is a means of increasing this power. MIMO uses multiple antennas at the sending and receiving side.

After HSDPA the roadmap leads to HSOPA, known also as LTE (Long Term Evolution). It aims to achieve data rates of up 100 Mbps for downlink and 50 Mpbs for uplink using OFDMA modulation.”

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