Web Patterns

Cool article that takes the concept of design patterns and applies it to web development.

“….In short, we lack a pattern language for the web.

But is our discipline mature enough to develop this vocabulary and language? Only trying to do just that will tell. “


I need to read and digest this before I take another step in my MetaWrap development. I was sick most of last week and have been busy working on the back-end and tinkering with the rendering pipeline.

It used to be that JavaScript frameworks would just abstract away the inconsistencies between browsers. They were essentially experience in a bottle.

Traditional programing frameworks are useful if they implement common design patterns that result in efficiency in execution and program flow. These are ‘best-practice’ in a bottle.

I feel that the best possible framework is one that provides an ultra-light scaffolding for the application as a whole, and then lots of small, intuitively named and useful design patterns that a programmer can wire together into an application

My girlfriend pointed out some obvious flaws in my pipeline philosophy and raison dêtre, that being that it makes not a lot of sense in its current form. It should fit into the light scafolding category, and in a way it is mostly invisible to the user, but it is a major concept to understand how your data, styles and behavior get into your application in the first place.

I need to explain it better. I think it may be one of those complex things that people will make the effort to understand it, once its seems to be worth learning.

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