Some Cool Tools

“ActiveWords is user interface technology that adds a simple and powerful attribute to Windows®, it turns words into actions. You enter or select any words in any context at any time, and are directly connected with services related to the meaning of those words. For example, trigger the word “weather” and a web page showing your current local weather appears.”

“Using an integrated mapping format, MindMapper empowers you to capture ideas as they come to you, improving thought processes and providing a fast and easy method for multi-person collaboration. Additionally, MindMapper has a two-way file association system for transferring maps into Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, email and hand-held devices, so you can turn creative ideas into deliverables for production or analysis. Or you can stay within your MindMapper program and deliver a presentation of your mind map and even create a detailed schedule including time and resources used. Getting your message across has now become even easier! “

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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