Me, Pets And Gear (1992)


Me and Mum

I play Fagin in the Gnowangerup district primary school production of Oliver.


Here are some snapshots of my pets. I have three cats. Nutrasweet, Catherine (Kate Cat,Babooska) and Kimba The Black Cat. Kimba is the son of Catherine. Kimba was an accident. Little did I know that the HUGE black tomcat panther rat slaughtering hell fiend from the next door would climb through a window and seduce my little girl, in my own kitchen!

Sparkey the puppy. He is now 15 yrs old.

Nutrasweet teaches me how to kill a rat in bed.

Catherine and Litter featuring Kimba The Black Cat


Here are some sexy snapshots of my machines and configurations thereof I have used over the last few years. Most of my stuff has been salvaged from scrap or bought second hand from fools who did not know the true value of old silicon.

My first Amiga 1000, held together by bits of hash and gaffa tape. Circa 1990. Bought it in 1986. This is the old Accelerated Men sound system ripped out of its 1x4x9 black monolith. I must didgitize some of those videos one day……

5xT800 cpu transputer workstation and 22” X windows terminal and IBM PC AIX workstation with pipelined vector floating point engine, all for less than $500.00. Amazing what you find at auctions sometimes. Circa 1994

The Siamese Twins. Two can work faster then one if you can solve the inter processor bandwith / granularity problem….. Circa 1991

New Rose Hotel BBS circa 1992

Ravetent. The worlds smallest rave with live music and visuals by Nanotech . Movementality 1994 (Out door rave by Punos ).

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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