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Shhh – Busy Thinking

Painted a shed. Thinking about current step in parser code. In a non coding mood – nesting with real world things. Wired up my old keyboard amp to sit under the desk and act as a subwoofer. Reading a good … Continue reading

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Cool New Things  Translates web pages into RSS feeds Real-time streaming and transcoding from Media Center PC to portable devices. Podcast application for Pocket PC  

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The Accelerated Men

Strange to see my old band still has a strange cult following. We are listed first in the “The Gothic Music Handbook” An accident of name I know – but we are chuffed. And one track that everyone loved was still being … Continue reading

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New (Old) 21" Monitor And New Test Cases

I am now dual headed. We will see how it goes. I have the G4 and PC second display on the second monitor. The G4 stays up as long as I don’t move much. (Long Story) Testing all the basic … Continue reading

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Merge At End Of A Lexical Sequence

The million dollar question is… Should a construction which consists of a simple option like “ABBB” | “CBBB” have a parse table that compresses and merges the last sequence of states into common groups? In the same way that the start sequence … Continue reading

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I Have Joined Fumbling Hordes Of The Self-Inflicted Legally Deaf

Everyone at Massive has been given an iPod-Mini for Xmas. Now I walk the streets, legally deaf, a peril to those around me I fumble at the traffic buttons waiting for the reassuring vibrations before I fling myself before the … Continue reading

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Back from holidays….

Back to the big city – should start coding again in a few days…

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