The Game Progress Report #21

Another video test. Playing this on a loop looking for any improvements I can make. Already have quite a few ideas to make it better.

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The Game Progress Report #20


Sped up the video encoder by an order of magnitude.

Here are some more example encodes. Just playing with random video that I have already split out into images to put the encoder it through its paces.

Going to try it on some larger videos and work on the file/streaming format.







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The Game Progress Report #19

Example video encoding using the hierarchical hexagon encoding.

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The Game Progress Report #18

Got stuck on the train a bit longer than normal today (heatwave signal failures) and added hexagon culling to the digitizer.

So this..

13-01-2014 7-51-18 PM

Now my favourite processing from the last post looks like this (which I believe is an improvement).

16-01-2014 7-00-52 PM

If you look carefully, any sub-hexagon that does not contribute to the detail is culled, this results in an interesting effect and in the end is exactly what I was after. Some contrast is lost, but I think that’s a given seeing that I am applying an exotic ‘blur’. I’m going to generate some colour histograms later and see what spectral distortions I might be adding.

Here are some runs against some default the sample Windows ‘photos’.

16-01-2014 7-01-53 PM 16-01-2014 7-01-39 PM

16-01-2014 6-59-49 PM 16-01-2014 6-59-31 PM

16-01-2014 6-58-10 PM 16-01-2014 6-57-56 PM

16-01-2014 7-15-03 PM

16-01-2014 7-14-53 PM

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The Game Progress Report #17

Some interesting results from the hierarchical hexagonal digitizer.

The original source image..

13-01-2014 7-51-18 PM

The closest match so far.. but a little boring.

15-01-2014 8-52-31 PM

The one I like the most – but a little dark.

15-01-2014 8-05-44 PM

They all seem to pass the squint test :)

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The Game Progress Report #16

More work on the L-System generator/mutator/renderer.

6-01-2014 5-54-33 PM 6-01-2014 9-33-44 PM 6-01-2014 9-31-03 PM

More work on basic image display.

13-01-2014 7-51-18 PM

I can also now load hexagon patterns from Hexels via XML export files.

13-01-2014 7-52-28 PM

And the game engine can now generate hexagon bitmaps from images.

13-01-2014 7-46-30 PM

The effect I’m after with the hierarchically tessellated (regular) hexagons is going to take some more work, but it’s looking promising.

13-01-2014 7-38-17 PM

As for the Twine engine, I’m still trying to get a side project up and running to use the game’s tutorial engine which can read a subset of the Twine format. This will allow me to publish some complex Interactive Fiction.  I’m following a few leads from some Twine authors I have found online. Probably going to start a small collective of artists that can contribute to the IF production pipeline for fun and hopefully profit.

13-01-2014 8-10-24 PM

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The Game Progress Report #15

Been doing some work under the hood optimising the hexagonal composition engine managed to more than quadruple the efficiency of rendering through various tricks and triangle magic and can still see plenty of room for improvement.

PSM/XNA/MonoGame don’t have good alignment Re: DrawUserIndexedPrimitives vs VertexBuffer but I seem to have coded a good compromise for now. MonoGame support is still a but patchy for PSVita but I have some patches of my own on the way.

I revamped the integration with PSVita, Xbox360, Touch Mouse and keyboard. Getting ready for some of the editing features with a hexagon selection/navigation for the main Hexagonal UI Mesh. I have a nice snappy vectoring navigation system that allows fast traversal of selections, it *feels* nice. It could still do with some tuning but works great with thumbsticks, Dpad and keyboard. 

8-12-2013 12-43-55 PM

Work on fonts and text layouts for the tutorial and and interactive fiction aspect of the engine.

8-12-2013 12-32-41 PM

Also background images for the tutorial and and interactive fiction aspect of the engine and probably for general use.

8-12-2013 1-20-43 PM

Nice to see it on the Vita too..

8-12-2013 1-42-41 PM

Next steps for the tutorial and and interactive fiction aspect is a Mass Effect style choice menu for the tutorial engine.

More work on intelligent Console hinting, hinting and auto-completion.

8-12-2013 12-30-46 PM

8-12-2013 12-34-40 PM

8-12-2013 12-51-49 PM

Dynamic Textures

8-12-2013 12-28-19 PM

Animated Textures

8-12-2013 12-29-51 PM

Compositional Textures

8-12-2013 12-33-38 PM

8-12-2013 12-39-07 PM

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